Booking Conditions



Personal checks, cashier's checks, or money orders should be made payable to R&J Tours.

For reservations received less than 15 days prior to departure, payment must be received in the form of cash, money order or credit card. A $20 charge will be issued for any checks that are returned to us by the bank.


Please identify your payment by writing the name of the tour and the departure date on the corner of the check or insert a slip of paper with the information listed thereon.


We would also like you to give us your name, address, phone number and name of the tour and date as this information will greatly help us in locating your reservation and recording your payment.


We now accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card. Telephone your payment in today or stop by the office.



When your payment is received by mail, we will forward you a receipt. If you bring your payment into the office, you will always be given a printed receipt.



We do not send notices of due payments as such a process would be very costly and would result in an increase in the cost of each tour. It is the customer's responsibility to forward the proper Deposit and/or Final Payment when due.


Your payment is important as we reserve the right to cancel any reservation(s) which proper payment has not been paid on time. If payment is not received, our computer system will automatically release your reservation(s).



These times will be given to you at the time of booking. If they are not available, you will be telephoned at a later date.


Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, a call will be late getting to you. You are always welcome to call for your information if you have not received a call.


R&J Tours is not responsible for client misinterpretation of incorrect departure times.


R&J Tours is NOT responsible for show tickets purchased on your own if you are reserved on one of our New York City Free Days and the tour must be cancelled for lack of enough passengers.



R&J Tours depart from the R&J parking lot located along Route 183 just south of Cressona, PA. There is ample parking for our tour customers in this lot. We also depart from other specified pick-up points which are not determined until after all reservations have been made for the tour.



For all overnight tours, we must request that the following deposit and finall payment procedure be observed by tour patrons requesting reservations.


DEPOSITS (Per Person)

A non-refundable deposit will be required 7 days after making your reservations. All overnight and extended tours will have a payment plan. The payment due dates that are indicated on the plan must be acknowledged to continue holding your reservations. Insurance and Payment Plan information is mailed to you upon confirmation of your reservation.



When you make a reservation with us for an overnight tour, if it is necessary, please specify at that time whether you would prefer a smoking or a nonsmoking room. Your request will be recorded on the rooming list that will be faxed or mailed to the respective hotel/motel. Most hotels/motels will honor your request if there is availability, but they do not guarantee it.



For all day trips, we must request that the following procedure be observed by all tour patrons requesting reservations.


DEPOSITS (Per Person)

A deposit will be required 7 days after making your reservations. If deposit is not received within the time period described, we reserve the right to remove your name from the tour you have requested, without notification.



Balance is due one month prior to the departure date unless otherwise specified by a payment plan.



Theatre Seating is based upon receipt of FINAL PAYMENT.



A unique idea for any holiday, birthday, wedding anniversary or special occasion. Certificates may be purchased for specific monetary value and applied to any tour contained in this brochure. Gift certificates do not expire. Gift certificates are non-refundable. Solve your gift-giving problem: Call our office for additional information.



The number of meals included in each tour are specifi ed in the descriptive writeups of this brochure. Gratuities for these meals have already been included in the package price of the tour. Any alcoholic beverages you may order while on tour are not included in the package price and are your responsibility. Gratuity for these services are also not included.



Lodging on all overnight tours is arranged with private baths, unless specified. We reserve the right to change hotels without notice when such changes are made necessary by conditions beyond our control.



Any tour member who has disabilities, handicaps, or needs that require special attention should inquire as to whether we will be able to provide for your special needs.



All persons, regardless of age, must have their own seat on board the motorcoach. Children's rates will be available to you for children if the tour destination can accommodate us. Please contact our office for further details.



As a convenience to our tour patrons who have booked tours with us, we offer the comfort of travel insurance for both single day and multiple day tours through our affiliation with the Travel Safe and the Travel Guard insurance companies. These plans protect you and your travel investment if you need to cancel your trip for covered reasons prior to departure or if other covered unforeseen circumstances would arise either before or during your trip. We suggest purchasing your traveler's insurance when making your initial deposit. Please contact our offi ce for further information. All clients making a reservation on an overnight tour will automatically receive a travel insurance information packet.



All tours in this brochure have been designated as Non-Smoking tours. In order to accommodate our tour patrons who are non-smokers, or who cannot tolerate cigarette smoke, we must insist that No Smoking be allowed on board our motorcoach for these tours. Our escort and driver will enforce this restriction.



The consumption of alcoholic beverages by any tour member while on board our motorcoach is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse to transport any person(s) who do not conform to this rule, and our driver has been authorized to terminate the tour for any individual who insists on violating this regulation. This rule is not intended to apply at any time except while on board our motorcoach. No coolers or thermos jugs shall be placed in the overhead storage racks or in the bus aisle. Coolers or tote bags must be able to slide under your seat.

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